Holistic Counseling & Psychotherapy

Thelma Vlamis

Student Intern Clinic

I am working on increasing my client hours which means this service is heavily discounted. 

I help you access a deeper awareness around what is influencing your life in the present moment, so you can access the wisdom to move forward in a loving and compassionate way.

  • Gain clarity on a challenge or problem that you're having.

  • Feel in control of your growth and personal development.

  • Tap into your inner wisdom.

  • Gain insights and 'aha' moments.

  • Deepen your leadership skills.

  • Change undesirable outcomes in your life.

  • Express how you're feeling in a supportive and caring environment.

  • Tap into your power and feel confident in life to go for what you want.

The investment is $40 for 60min (usually the starting price is $100).

I use various techniques, tools and strategies to help you get in touch with your true path, working from the inside out, helping you discover your power and resources to deal with any difficulties you're currently experiencing. I take a holistic approach - Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit


Thelma Vlamis 


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