In a world where there is no certainty as humans, we sure do look for it. We want to be 100% certainty that if we try something new it will work out, we won’t waste our money, and everything will be easy.


We want full control over the situation and the things around us. If this sounds like you and control is an issue in your life and with your partner, it’s time to let go… That’s right, it’s time to take control in another way that will help you and not keep you stuck due to fear of the unknown.


Tony Robbins 6 core needs 


Okay, the right time is now. Why? Because there is no right time. You will always have an excuse to why you should not do something, and my bet is it will be driven by fear. This does not mean you have to quit your job and start something new right now. This means you can start opening yourself up about the idea of trying something new. Developing your skills and start planning, setting goals and gaining an understand of YOU. Your strengths, values and working on your weaknesses.


The reason why there is no right time is because time is running out. So we have one life (unless you believe otherwise). The more time you spend thinking about what you want and taking no action towards it the more miserable you will become and the more time you’re using up. Before you know it you will be heading towards retirement and still dissatisfied with what you’re doing.


One thing I know that I am living the life I want right now, not when I retire. Why do we wait for retirement to be happy right?

When I was working in my 9-5 job I was constantly thinking about how I was wasting my time and imagined that if I had 5 years to live I would quit my job straight away. So why was I stuck in it then? why hadn’t I change my situation?


Watch this video for the full story.


Get clear about what you want to improve on in your life and make a list. Rank each thing from most important to least.

If you want to create a career that lights you up, start today because as you know you can’t buy time.


Here’s how I started. I started listening to podcasts and reading books. I researched online, and I started to understand that there were other people who felt this way. I then bought an online program however in hindsight I wish I knew what life coaching or careers coaching was because that would have been perfect for me at that time. Which is why I am being so passionate about helping people start to plan around this. You save money, time and you have direction. You have specific steps you know you can take in order to improve your situation. I detoured a lot as I did not have help from anyone. 


So you can gain certainty from getting help from someone that has been in your situation as they will save you money and time. They have already gone through the hard stuff.


Think about being 90yrs old and you’re looking back on your life. Do you want to look back and be satisfied that you lived your life you wanted? or regret that you didn’t take action and didn’t take risks. What did you do that made you live with no regrets? That’s the action you need to take.


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