I hate my job should I start my own business?

You hate your job and there are many different reasons why, such as:


  • You feel you can’t grow in your current job.

  • You’re not being challenged enough, and work is just boring

  • You know you have more to give but, you can’t see yourself giving that energy to this specific job because it doesn’t really interest you or motivate you in any way

  • You feel like the systems at work are outdated and overcomplicated

  • You feel like the politics at work get in the way of making a real difference

  • You’re not a fan of the 9-5 day job and you want flexibility and freedom to choose your own hours.


The reasons why you hate your job are clues towards whether you should start your own business.


So, should you start your own business?


Here’s what I did. I started my own business because I got clear on my values and realised that for me to live by my values starting my own business plays a huge part in that.


Starting your own business is not easy and takes, time, money and a lot of mindset work.

It is very possible to start your own business but it’s not a short-term commitment. Something that drives me crazy in my line of work is when people convince others to start an online business and state it as being easy.


Those companies that state, "start your online business and make an income in 30 days", is the kind of thing that does not happen easily and when it does it's an outlier.


Working for yourself has positives and challenges. So, if you get super clear on your values you will understand what the positives are to owning your own business.  For me, I value










This is why I own my own business and help people because all my values are incorporated into my business and this is what gives me the energy towards being successful. Whilst enjoying my time building my business.


I am a firm believer in starting a business because it’s aligned with your values not because it will make you a lot of money. What happens is if you choose a business idea just for extrinsic motivation (money and things) you will find that when things get tough you have very little reason to keep going and push yourself through the challenging times. If you are intrinsically motivated (what you value intuitively) as well as extrinsically motivated, you have more of a WHY to work towards. The WHY is what will drive your company.


So, what is required to start your own business?


this is the most important one. If you believe you will make it happen and you commit yourself to Self-belief – doing so, you will do what it takes to run a successful business. Instead of seeing a failure or problem as evidence to why you can’t run a business and saying to yourself, “well I tried, and it didn’t work out”, you use that as feedback and work towards the solution. That might mean hiring an expert in the area where you have problems or where your skills are weaker, such as hiring a business coach if you have never owned your own business.


Time – start a side hustle. So many of us want a change but believe we have no time.


Do a time audit and start spending time doing what you want rather than what you think you should do. Yes, people have kids and responsibilities and still start their own businesses. It’s about prioritising and seeing the value in your starting your own business for your kids. I had an experience recently where I was speaking with a parent about her teenage son who is 19 years old. He has witnessed many adults in his life, including his parents in jobs that they don’t like and haven't tried to improve their situation. When his mum asked him about finding work he said to her “what’s the point because everyone hates their jobs and are miserable, so I see no point in working” he had a learned belief that people who work in 9-5 jobs are miserable and no one likes their career. Wow, sad stuff, I think. He has learned this belief from the environment around him.


So, as much as you feel guilty about starting your own business your kids will understand when they get older and will actually see that no, you don’t just have to have a 9-5 career to be successful you can be creative and start something of your own. You can make money your way and be doing things you're passionate about rather than only working for the paycheck.


Money – Yes, you require money to do this. If you want it bad enough you will find a way. I have heard of people selling their houses to make it happen. Save money, sell what you don’t use or need and become a minimalist. If you’re not good with money then sort that out first because going into business requires a good relationship with money and if you don’t have that then I would not recommend you go into business. Again, hire someone that can help you with that. Use your growth mindset and develop those skills that you require to start your own business.


Stepping out of your comfort zone. Starting your own business means doing things you once thought you would never do. Like marketing. So many people have a belief that marketing is evil. If you’re genuinely helping people solve a problem with your product or service, then people need to know that you exist. Which means you need marketing. This includes putting yourself out on social media, in communities and public speaking.


Resilience and Grit - Working for yourself will never be a straight road. It’s a very windy road and your aim is to manage your business so when you are going through a low point, such as lack of income or personal setbacks, you can stay afloat.


So should you start your own business, hell yes?


The payoff for me has been huge. I have had opportunities open up for me that I would never have seen when I was in my 9-5 career. The personal development I have experienced has been more than I could have ever imagined.


What can you do today to get started on this journey


Understand your values.


Values are the things that are very important to you in life, not as an obligation rather as an intuitive thing.


Write what, why and how you will start a business


What business do you want to start?

Why do you want to start that business?

How can you get started on your business today?


Get clear on these steps first.


Research, read books and listen to podcasts on your niche in your business


If you don’t know what business you want to start, but you know you want to work for yourself the best thing to do is start identifying your values 


I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions or would like help to decide whether you should start your own business, contact me through my website, email or comment below.



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