3 Main Reasons We Procrastinate

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

There are many reasons why we choose to procrastinate and here are my top three.

1. We like doing what’s easy because its comfortable

When we must do something hard, boring and challenging we tend to avoid it because it makes us feel stressed and gives us an uncomfortable feeling

Activities we tend to procrastinate on are the tedious ones. But the thing is we have to do them to get the desired outcome we want.

2. Doubt and self doubt

We doubt what we are doing and how important it is. Will it work? Does it matter?

We then doubt ourselves. Self doubt, what if I fail? Fear of failure.

3. Overwhelm

We have other things in our life that contribute to the overwhelm

If the task takes time and it is difficult we tend to feel like it's too much, so we just push it aside which causes even more overwhelm.

We tend to think about the outcome as appose to the first step we can take to get started.

How can we stop procrastinating ?

1) Priorities the hard stuff first

2) Where possible, take small incremental steps

3) Ask for help

4) Think about resources that could help you

5) Become clear about why you are doing it in the first place. Know your WHY

Once you have clarity and when doubt appears, you are able to shut it down quite fast. You can do this because you’re clear about what it is you’re doing and why.

6) Look back on all the hard things you’ve achieved and realise this is another challenge that you’re more than cable to achieve

7) Plan and write down what task you need to do in the day. Pin a calendar up on your wall. This has helped me immensely

8) Priorities. Make time for it. If it is something that is important to you, you may need to sacrifice something else. Do this from the beginning, before you take on the new activity.

Each little step counts. You just need to start and stop putting it off.

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