6 Books That Will Help You Create A Career You Love.

Updated: Apr 27

You might be at a stage in your life where you’re curious to know if there’s more to life than what you have created so far. Maybe you have gone to university and you're working and still feel like there’s something missing. If you’re thinking this way there’s a good chance that you’re a driven individual with a need to have more purpose, direction and a meaning in your life.

How do you achieve this?

Get a better understanding of yourself and read and implement the information you learn.

Here are 6 books that can get you started on creating a career you love.

If you are struggling with ideas and getting started with this process, book #1 is your go to.

1. The Values Factor. Dr John Demartini

This book has actionable steps you can take to start discovering what lights you up and how you can create a career around that. If you're unaware of your values, this book can help you discover them. You will learn how to do that and understand what can get in the way of living a fulfilling life. If you don’t have any ideas around what direction you can go in for your future this book will help you with step 1 – Creating an idea that suits you. You can complete the steps in this book and start prioritising the important things in your life that energise you.

If you already have an idea of what you would like to do and keep talking yourself out of it. Books #2-4 will give you a good kick up the bum.

2. You Are Bad Ass. By Jen Sincero (This helps you with self-doubt and self-worth)

If you don't read many self-help/personal development books, start ASAP. This one will get you into the swing of it with some good old fashion swearing and hard truth while sharing her own experiences from having no money an being in an all girls rock band to completely owning it as an entrepreneur. The author identifies key problems that almost everyone faces and explains how to face these hurdles and be a badass. Whether you want to start a business, learn how to make extra money or get a new job and are looking for an injection of self-confidence, this is the book for you.

3. The Big Leap. By Gay Hendricks

This is for those of you who want to realize their full potential.

The book gives practical tips for us to use. To get the most from the book, you have to do the exercises, so you can discover the issues to rectify them. The Upper Limit Problem, where we self-sabotage often manifests in the form of illnesses, fighting with your partner and causing problems that could have been avoided. In contrast, there's a section you can follow to discover your 'Zone Of Genuis' and move through fear.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. By Stephen R. Covey (Changing old habits that are not serving you to ones that will improve your life)

This book reminds us how to create our own results. So many great insights and helpful tips to implement into your life to create a long term change.

This book demonstrates that highly effective people are not just lucky but they live their lives following these 7 habits:

1-Be Proactive

2-Begin with the End in Mind

3-Put First Things First

4-Think Win-Win

5-Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood


7-Sharpen the Saw

If you are struggling with creating wealth or find yourself thinking negative thoughts about money, books #5-6 are your go to.

5. You Are Bad Ass With money. By Jen Sincero (Start making money and stop feeling bad about it.)

If you have got to a point where you would love to have a higher income but not at the expense of selling your soul this book is for you. Anyone that is looking for some financial advice in a fun and funny way. Jen uses her own life story and transformation to teach you what’s truly holding you back from making real money. Jen will help you stop letting your doubts, fears and excuses get in the way and show you how you too, can be as wealthy as you want to be. To get a lot out of this book you need to have an open mind and be willing to change your mindset and forget a lot of what you’ve been told! She explains the importance of knowing your deepest desires and how to start taking action. This isn’t your average how to make money book, this book really focuses on your mindset, thoughts and beliefs.

6. Get Rich Lucky Bitch

This book is all about what we think and feel about money and how you can acquire more of it once you start believing you can and become comfortable with the idea of it. It’s all about using money as a resource to help you live a great life. It’s okay to want to make money and create a life style for yourself that you want. The key is to live and feel as though you have everything you need now and what you create and put out in the world from a place of gratitude and believing, will come back to you in the form of money, positive relationships and growing in confidence.

Common beliefs are:

  • Being rich is greedy

  • Earning money is too hard

  • Rich people are unhappy

  • Being rich means you have to sacrifice your happiness

  • Working hard = becoming rich

  • I don’t need to make much money

These beliefs are impacting your ability to create what you want in life. You can sabotage your results without being consciously aware of it.

Money is a resource that can help you create what it is you want with no restrictions. It’s the meaning we place on it that makes it bad or good. Money on it's own is not bad or good. You are free to be your creative self with or without money, money just makes it easier for you. This book also holds a strong stance on manifesting money, attracting money through understanding the way you feel, think and also taking action at the same time. It’s something to be open to as you never know what could happen. This book also provides you with actionable steps to take.

If you would like some guidance, clarity, direction, a plan and accountability click here and book a 1:1 Discovery Session with me and let's see if we're a good fit.

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