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How To Avoid Fear Based Action

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Why is it important to make decisions from a place of abundance and not scarcity?

When we make decisions based on scarcity, we’re letting social conditioning dictate the path in life to take. Scarcity is fear based and when we make decisions from a place of fear we are not listening to the part of us that is ambitious and wants to achieve goals that are aligned with who we are without the limiting beliefs and fear.

When we make decisions from this place, we do things we think we SHOULD do, and we think we HAVE to do it, making us feel powerless to our circumstances. That comes with resentment, frustration and sadness. It keeps us stuck in a cycle of despair because we believe we must stick it out like everyone else. We believe we have no choice but to follow the path and opportunities that come up because, who knows if there will ever be another one like this again?

This is at the core of the work I do. I lived like this for many years and went from one job to the next, thinking I had to, I should and that’s what everyone else is doing.

What does scarcity and abundance mean?

Scarcity - When we look at the world from a place of lack, there’s not enough so we need to compete and take what we want and that means you lose and I win or I lose and you win. As a results people don’t share their knowledge, don’t support each other and are believe they can’t trust others.

Abundance- Believing there are endless opportunities and more than enough to go around. Knowing the power of sharing knowledge working with you opponents and learning from each other.

Here is a circumstance where you may feel powerless.

You have no money and you just need a job to get yourself some security and certainty in your life. When we’re in this place we take up the first opportunity that is presented out of desperation and necessity. It’s not your dream job, it’s not a great environment to be in and you find yourself just managing to get by emotionally. Of course, in this situation having this job is useful, it’s helpful to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s a steppingstone. It is improving the situation, you’re in, so you no longer feel powerless? If having no money and being homeless is your situation then of course having a job and support is an improvement regardless if it’s a job you like. If you’re in a position where you have set yourself up in a career you hate, and you feel like you want to improve this situation, then the next step to improve your situation is to reflect and do the work to change your career. To change into something more enjoyable. There’s no cap on making improvements in your life. YOU CAN HAVE MORE! It’s the limits we place on this change that cause us to stay in unsatisfying situations. That does not mean you’re ungrateful, greedy or content with life. You can be grateful, content and giving, whilst striving for your dream career and life.

You create and ideal day and then goals that help you achieve that ideal day and life. You create small goals that you can tick off every day, week, month and year. For example, a small goal could be to save money to start a hobby (e.g ROLLER DERBY 😊) If I save $……….(this much money) I can buy the equipment to skate and get involved into a team sport where I will meet people. Work example, asking your work if you can have one day a week off so you can study. Saving money to do a workshop in an area that interest you. In other words, using that steppingstone to invest back into the thing you really want in life. Without goals and small steps towards something bigger and better, we feel as though there is no end point to working in a job we hate. With goals and follow through (action) you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are able to measure your successes along the way. This means your focus diverts from self-pity to working towards an inspiring career that you want.

How can you start to make decisions based on abundance even when you don’t feel abundant?

1. Lift your mood before taking action and making decisions.

You want to avoid making decisions when you’re angry, frustrated, stressed, resentful or desperate. This is where a holiday, retreat or time off work can really help you see things from a different perspective. This is why people have aaahhh moments when they’re on a beach in Europe, climbing a mountain in Nepal or at a retreat surrounded by likeminded people. There is less stressful thoughts and resistance that is clouding our judgment when we remove ourselves from stressful environments

2. Become aware of when you’re coming from a place of lack and how that contributes to the results you get.

If you’re facing a crossroads in your life and you want to be certain that you’re making the right decisions. Reflect on the flow on effect of a scarcity-based decisions. It’s when we feel like we’re doing something because of obligation and expectation. It’s what we SHOULD do, not what we really want to do. The way you know whether you’re aligned or not is if you feel a sense of resistance towards the decisions you’re moving towards. Are you resenting the process and people around you? Are you frustrated and angry?

Ask yourself, where in my life do I make decisions based on a scarcity mindset? Use the table above as a reference. Am I in my job now because I believe I have to stay and there are not many jobs out there for me? i.e. it’s too risky to change careers because I may not like it and there are not many jobs out there for me.

First step is believing you can have more. Once you are committed to believe you can have your ideal day and life the rest will follow.

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