How To Create A Career With Purpose

Updated: Apr 27

This is a photo of me when I was working as a Laboratory Technician before I changed careers.

There is nothing more important to me than feeling as though I am making a difference in someone’s life. This gives me PURPOSE. When I did not know what gives me deep purpose and lights me up, I was becoming depressed and anxious. I felt I did not suit or fit into the traditional 9-5 way of living. I would scroll through jobs on seek to only feel disheartened that none of them excited me. I felt like there was something wrong with me. Why did everyone else feel so content in their career and I was feeling unsatisfied and bored?

I can see now how my own beliefs, societal norms and traditions were toxic for me and who I wanted to be. I did not know who that was, all I knew is that I felt like I did not fit in or belong in that environment. That is dangerous place to be. We’re social beings and feeling lonely and isolated is not a safe space to be in.

I felt that I was not aligned with my career:

  • I was often bored at work

  • I am a driven person, and I did not want my boss’s job

  • I felt exhausted after work

  • I was not using my creativity or strengths

  • I felt like it was hard to do simple mundane jobs because they did not excite me in the slightest. It felt like factory work.

  • I was doing detailed orientated work and following strict procedures. This is not aligned with parts of me that like freedom and self-expression

  • I love movement and I have high energy levels, but I was sitting at a desk or microscope for many hours a day. This was not what my body or mind liked

I was told to get a high paying job, pay the bills, and buy a house. What if the job you get is not suited to you at all? Do you stick with it because it pays the bill?

No one taught me or told me to follow a career that aligns with who I am.

Before my career switch I became rebellious, hurt people and I was meeting my humans needs in unhealthy ways.

If I don’t meet my needs in healthy ways, it’s easy for me to become destructive towards others and myself.

Enough was enough and I made a conscious decision to improve my life.

I did not know what I like for a career and what would give me purpose and I had to start from scratch. I was asked by a psychologist, what do you like doing? What are you passionate about? my answer was, I don’t know…. I don’t know….

Interestingly and upon reflection I had tried some ideas out and then dismissed them when they did not work only to realise that there were clues in those ideas. It was not until I hired a mentor that I was able to really step into my idea and create a business from it. This was the changing point for me. When I was exploring what career to move into, I needed someone in my life who was open minded towards all my ideas and who was not judgmental.

Someone who could see my vision even better than what I could see it and someone who believed that it was possible for me even when I did not believe. I needed this because everyone else in my life lived a traditional lifestyle that I no longer felt I belonged in and they were encouraging me to stay in a job that was making me miserable.

I listened to every podcast and audio book I could find that explored different careers and lifestyles. I was not able to physically surround myself with likeminded people at first, so I started with podcasts. This gave me the confidence and evidence that living a non-traditional life is completely possible for me.

To understand and identify what gives me purpose in life I needed to take the leap first, explore big ideas and gain a deep understand of who I am outside of social norms and conditioning.

I never have been so clear about what I want in life and who I am. It has empowered me to live an extraordinary life, step out of my comfort and to reach for the stars. Since I made this incredible lifestyle switch I have had enormous growth and I have gone on incredible adventures. I am a different person, and I am constantly evolving. This is a huge change from 5 years ago where I felt stuck, miserable, and unfulfilled in life and my career.

I encourage anyone out there who resonates with this to follow a more authentic path to who you are. Reach out for support and work through anything that is troubling you during this time. Pushing through and doing what you feel obliged to do or feel as though you should do will keep you from living into your purpose in life. It will feel like you're on a hamster wheel and you have no control over when it will stop.

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your career and you want to explore more career ideas or ways to improve your experience at work, book in a 1:1 session with me here.

We will explore:

  • Where you are now and where you want to be.

  • You will gain clarity, insights, and a plan to move forward with.

  • I use tools and strategies that I learnt through my experience and education so you can move forward with decisions that are aligned with you.