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How Tunnel Vision Impacts Our Growth

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Often we are missing valuable information when making life changing decisions and pick career, partners and ideas that we're interested in but not passionate or excited about.

When we move forward with one idea before exploring our options, we’re perceiving only one option out of countless options and opportunities and this might not be the one that aligns with you or that is compatible.

Watch the video above to do the awareness test and to see how it works.

It's important to take charge and believe you have the power to create a life that you love.

YOU CAN CREATE THE RESULTS YOU WANT. You have the power to do this. Which means if you have got to where you are today then you can get to where you want to really be.

Here are some examples of how we close off our ideas and opportunities

I have to do it this way, there is no other way


I'm not good enough

It's out of my control

I have no choice

I can’t…

I would never....

I hate ....

It really irks me when...

I’ve always done it this way…

I can’t see how that would benefit me…

It’s a fixed mindset and has a negative impact on the decisions we make in life. We all do this because we're human but it's how aware we are that we're thinking this way that counts.

Awareness = Empowerment

I have to do it this way, there is no other way --- There are many ways I can do this. I want to choose one that suits me.

It's out of my control --- I am in control of my results and the decisions I make. I can choose

I have no choice--- I have many choices and I am choosing...

I can’t…--- I can and I will

I would never.... --- What is it about that I am so apposed to, and why?

I hate ....--- What is it about that I don't like and why?

It really irks me when...--- What is it about that that irks me and why?

I’ve always done it this way…--- What would happen if I changed the way I did this?

I can’t see how that would benefit me…--- Am I missing information and do I have a blind sport?

Without the awareness we limit ourselves and what we're capable of. With this awareness we're open to more exciting ideas.

I did this when I quit my job and I had rigid thinking around how I would make an income. I was trying to make money using one-way, one method, one title. I was missing opportunities, and options because my focus was on controlling how it would look. I was also not open to other opportunities as I had said, I just want to do it this way (TUNNEL VISION). This way of thinking did not work out for me and found myself going into debt. It was not until I became aware of my rigid thinking through coaching and counselling that I was able to become more open to other options.

It could be that you limit your choices and ideas around your life because you don't feel smart enough, skilled enough, good enough or strong enough to follow a dream you have. The dream life you would love to live. You may think it's only possible for other people and not yourself.

What if your rigid thinking is coming from fear rather than helping you grow?

What could be blocking you from seeing opportunities that may align with your growth and what you genuinely want?

Once you’re clear on:

  • What you want in life

  • What is blocking you from getting the outcomes you want

You start to open yourself up to HOW it will show up for you.

The HOW can look completely different to what you imagined it would look like and what you asked for. That's where the saying comes in, ''be careful what you wish fo

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