Updated: Jan 1, 2018

My sister and I grew up wanting to be everyone’s friend. We didn’t care what you looked like, where you come from and how much money you have. We grew up with Greek parents, who moved to Australia with just a dream and small amount of cash. My dad saved money from working on ships importing and exporting goods around the world. We knew what it was like to be “different”.

Because of this I have always lifted people up and I see no value in bringing people down (i.e. tall poppy syndrome). I believe in being critical without hatred and judgment instead to be respectful of people’s beliefs.

From a young age I loved connecting with people. I loved hearing their stories and talking about more deeper stuff and not just surface level chit chat.

When people change the subject because they feel uncomfortable about the topic, I’m the one that wants to delve even deeper and ask more questions, possibly annoying for some.

As a kid I understood the way people stereotype you and place you into categories as though it’s that simple and everyone is the same.

I believe we all have different personalities that are influenced through genetics, the unique environment we grew up in at home and society. Therefore, stereotypes and socials norms need to be questioned.

Be authentic and don’t follow the crowd. I don’t believe in hierarchy and that one person has all the answers. We all learn from others but we all have a unique perspective that should be seen a valuable resource to add to the bigger picture or to getting the preferred outcome.

I’ve always found the good in people, no matter what others may think. Whether it’s the ability to play a musical instrument, producing breath taking art, running a marathon, climbing a mountain, being caring and nice person or just being confident to speak up when no one else will.

Everyone has strengths to draw upon. We can all learn new skills it is just a matter of how much we really want it, how hard we are willing to work for it and the willingness to become vulnerable.

I believe that what motivates us is beyond self-gain, money and material things. Although I see the benefits of these things they are merely the outcome and not our purpose.

I’m motivated by connecting with people through hearing their stories. Through that helping them find what it is they really want to be doing. Hearing the excitement in their voices when they talk about their interests. I think the best job ever is influencing others to be as authentic as possible, to improve their life and build their confidence.

I love seeing the quirky side of people, because that is when I know they just don’t care what society want them to be like. It’s like they are sticking their finger up at what is “normal” in societies eyes.

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