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The Power of Podcasts

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Podcasts are free and there are a abundance of topics.

I worked in a laboratory before I started my own business. I found listening to podcast helped me explore new career ideas and find other people who were feeling the same about their 9-5 job. Listening to podcasts can be the equivalent of being around like minded people. Podcasts give you insight into ideas that you may have never had thought about. I owe my career change to listening to podcasts, it had the biggest impact on my life as I no longer felt alone.

If you want to change careers, start listening to podcasts. If you have an idea, listen to podcasts where people are succeeding in that area.There are many podcasts that help you start to believe in your ideas because you hear stories from people who have made it and the challenges they faced along the way.

Here are my top picks

Podcasts are very diverse and I believe theirs a podcast for everyone. You may be interested in a new career, traveling and working, inventing a product or just listening to crime.

Find what you’re interested in and listen to it on the way to work, at work (if possible) or when you’re traveling in the car or public transport. You will be amazed with what you’ll learn and the shift in perspective you'll have.

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