Top 7 Pitfalls To Creating a Career You Love.

Updated: Apr 27

Creating a career you love is no easy task. If you have worked towards a life that you thought would make you happy, then discover that you feel like something is missing and you're not happy, then changing things up can be uncomfortable. Here are top 7 Reasons Why You're Not Creating a Career You Love:

  1. Not taking 100% responsibility and committing to this change. In other words, unwilling to do what it takes. This includes trying new ways of doing things. A new way of living and new beliefs, habits and behaviours. Unless you’re 100% committed to your goal of creating a career that you love then you will dip your toes in only to find that you didn’t get the results you wanted, so it’s like you have proved yourself right because that’s why you didn’t put 100% effort in, in the first place.

  2. Wanting a quick fix. Someone to save/rescue us or to tell us what to do and to hand over a job of our dreams without us doing the work.

  3. Not willing to acknowledge our limiting beliefs and being rigid with what we are willing to do and unwilling to do. This is strongly tide to our identity. These are the limiting stories we’re telling ourselves, the excuses to stay safe and this is a coping mechanism that is no longer serving us.

  4. Only taking action to avoid bad days, avoid feeing bad and always wanting to be happy.

  5. Unwilling to try new unfamiliar things unless we’re certain it will benefit us.

  6. Discovering what we really want and not taking action. Self-discovery without action is like paying a fitness instructor to teach you how to achieve your goals, they give you the exact steps and show you the exercises and you walk away with the knowledge but refuse to do the exercises or steps required. It’s also like eating ice cream and watching a workout video. This is why intelligence alone does not equal success. Taking action is crucial.

  7. In denial about the importance of taking action towards your desire. Denial is a coping mechanism from being in an environment as kids where felt we had no control. We couldn’t change it, so we changed the way we thought about it. Which gives us control. As adults we have more choices to move towards our desires and if we’re in denial we’re pushing away the way we think, feel and see what we really want. Denial is the refusal to accept the reality of something unpleasant. It sets in when we cannot accept or eliminate something painful, we’re desperate to get out of pain, so we stop feeling, seeing and hearing any proof to contradict it. It’s a state of suppression which means if we don’t accept where we’re at, we are unable to see the steps required to improve our situation because we cannot see the problem in the first place.

Okay, we have looked at the mistakes, now we can talk about the 4 steps you can take to create a career you love and these are essential to getting results.

1. Commit 100% to this goal. This is a forward moving energy where you take 100% responsibility for where you are now. Making the choices in your life that will help you to improve your situation. It’s a hell yes, let’s do this, type of energy. Which means you’re willing to try new things, invest time and money and look deep inside as to why this is important to you, what you truly want to do with your time and what changes you’re willing to implement in your life to do this.

2. Understanding your limiting beliefs and getting super real with yourself and what’s holding you back from taking action.

3. Discover what really inspires, motivates and energises you and take action towards those things.

4. Self-discovery + Action is the most important part of reaching this goal. If you’re unwilling to take uncomfortable action, you will continue to get the same results. It’s the changes in your everyday life that will get you different results. It’s not easy, it’s not comfortable and it will test you emotionally. Which leads me to my next point. The reason we avoid doing activities that feel hard or uncertain is because we’re predicting something bad will happen. We’re assuming the worst-case scenario. This is a default mode of thinking, that limits our creativity and openness to opportunities and possibilities that are right in front of us.

The coaching I do with my clients is to guide them to see more opportunities in their life and think about their situation differently and as a result try new and improved ways of doing things. It’s essential that my client and I have a connected relationship, which includes:

· Showing up open to the process,

· Curious about what’s holding them back and taking responsibility to change it

· Open to trying new things

· Looking at their situation from a different perspective

· Implementing the action steps, we discuss in our 1:1 sessions

· Trusting me and the process

The results I have seen are incredible. Clients that have committed to the process 100% have seen huge changes in their lives.

If you’re a hell yes to improving things in your life. Hop on the phone with me for a free discovery session. Sign up here

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