You Have A Career Idea. What Next?

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Follow your intuition

Around 3 yrs ago, I watched the movie Wild with Reese Witherspoon. I loved every minute of that movie. I know it’s a movie but sometimes those things really tug at your heartstrings.

Hiking at Wilsons Promontory, National Park

Shortly after, I followed a friend on social media while she was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) just under 4300km long, it takes 5 months to complete. WOW! It's located in America and it is the same trail as the one in the movie. I was completely blown away by my friend and her strength.

I felt inspired and great desire to do something like this and thought, I would love to do what she is doing. At this point I am not thinking about how but my intuition is telling me this is something I want to do.

Time went by and for my 30th birthday I went for my first overnight hike with my partner Chris. He spoiled me and new exactly how I would love to celebrate my birthday. We hiked at Mt Buffalo, in Victoria, watched the sunset and rise and abseiled the cliff faces, I was in heaven. It’s a magical place with huge granite boulders, cliff faces and green, lush ground cover.

Mt Buffalo
Chris and I on my 30th birthday

Two years later and I still haven’t gone for a longer hike. Once again it has become just an idea and thought. It started as an idea, desire and thought, which I never actually committed to. Not until my friend Chelsea visited me in my home town. We were talking about spending more time doing adventurous things. She mentioned that she wanted to go for a hike but she doesn’t have anyone to go with. Before I even thought about it I jumped to the opportunity and said, I’ll go with you (this is your intuition).

Before I could think further about it Chelsea locked it in. She booked the campsite and organised what date we would depart.

BAM! I'm going hiking.

My mind went into worry mode.

Wow that was quick

Okay I’m actually doing it

Um what if I can’t go because of work

What if I get bored?

What if I get hungry?

I don’t think I want to go anymore

What if I don’t like it

What if I get cold

What if I get really dirty

Maybe I’ll talk to Chelsea about staying 2 nights instead of 3nights

I don’t even have the gear

Maybe I should just not go and wait until I have the gear


The thing is I was getting worried about being uncomfortable. It is built into us as humans to move from pain to pleasure and all I was thinking about was the pain.

My worries didn’t actually come true. It was the most comfortable I have been in a long time. Physically, I loved every minute. There were challenging times but it was so rewarding to make it to camp, to know how far I walked, what I saw along the way and time spent with Chelsea was effortless. I was in nature where I love to be. It energises me and reminds me that the simple act of walking in nature is better than a holiday. It’s peaceful, calm and natural. So natural that on day three Chelsea pointed out the smell of fresh hikers. Okay, this sounds weird I know, but it’s true. We were on day three and hadn’t showered, they were on day one and smelled of soap and perfume. The things you notice in the wild. We had a good chuckle every time a fresh hiker walked past.

Anyway, where was I? Ow yes, when you listen to your intuition rather than your worries, fears or beliefs you can identify what you're naturally drawn to. This is exactly what happens when you come up with a career idea.

Firstly, I decided from my own will that I wanted to go hiking, no hesitation.

Secondly, I had an accountability partner and that was Chelsea. I did not want to let her down, so I followed through with my decision. I couldn’t talk myself out of it which is what I would have done if I was going with my partner.

So often we talk ourselves out of our ideas, dreams and desires because we’re too busy worrying about the what ifs.…

In order for us to improve, grow and follow our goals we need to do things that are uncomfortable.

What is intuition?

“the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

How do you know if you are following your intuition?

  1. When you come up with an idea, sit with it and get curious about why you come up with that idea. Don’t think about how you will achieve it, just sit with it and visualise what you believe this idea will do for you in life.

  2. When you start worry about the what ifs… write them down. Are they excuses?

  3. Why is this idea interesting to you? Think about why you have even thought about this. For me, when I was watching that movie and my friend hiking I felt excitement, happy and inspired. It wasn’t forced or fake, it just happened instinctively.

  4. Talk to someone about it. This is where they can ask you questions. Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads about things and it takes an outsiders point of view to point out excuses, self-doubt and what your potential is. You want to speak to someone that won’t judge you on your idea and someone that will ask you questions and see your idea without any of their own fears getting in the way.

Nicole Greer, a Life coach covers this topic well and with enthusiasm. TedTalk on "what do you really want?"

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