tHE pOWER Of change 


With change comes growth


You grow in confidence, social skills practical skills and life skills.


At times you can become exposed to different situations that are out of your control. Such as those when your traveling or starting a new job.


You can also find yourself avoiding change because it may require some form of vulnerability.


Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern that we are not satisfied in. Such as being in a career that you don’t like. There are many reasons why we stay in this pattern.


We love the habits that bring us comfort.  


Even though we’re not happy in our situation we tend to stay as it’s comfortable, we know what is required of us and we are in a routine that’s easy and not really that stressful. There's certainty in the day and we don’t require stepping out of the comfort of our surroundings. It’s a safe place.


The problem with this, is we surround ourselves with the same people day in and day out which means the likelihood of getting an opportunity to grow and be challenged is reduced. We get into a routine that is easy where we don’t challenge ourselves to grow.


The other problem is humans also like variety, so we find ourselves feeling bored and underwhelmed about our job which leads to trying to fulfill that space through buying material things, overindulging and feeling as though we need a holiday even though you went one a month ago. This means we live to work. We spend most of our time at work and we spend what we earn on fun things. There is nothing wrong with having fun. The problem is when we only have fun away from work. We spend so many hours a day at work so it's important to enjoy it.


Sometimes we have avoided something because we’ve felt anxious about doing it. Think about public speaking. What if there were changes at work and you were asked to go to three conferences to present and you have never done something like that before? Here is where anxiety makes you feel uncomfortable and stressed. However, imagine doing this and meeting people who are interested in the same thing as you and how much you would learn from this experience?


So, why is change so powerful?


It can also be eye-opening where you learn a lot about yourself, you meet new people who challenge your beliefs and you open yourself up to more opportunities.


A change can trigger:




Developing on your personal skills


Building your influence.



Something as simple as going to a workshop you may meet at least one other person that you connected with and learned something new.


This is why it’s important. Recently I spoke with someone about how they have been working in an admin role for over 25 years. In the same organisation and the same position. They are now looking at retiring and they have realised that they don’t know what they will do outside of work. They have no family close to them and they don’t have a hobby outside of work. So, what this means is that work has formed a part of their identity and now without that structure, they’re not sure what it is they want to do that lights them up. They get the human connection at work and they were not sure where else they will get it now that they are retiring.


This is a big eye-opener. If you have no hobbies or very little connection with people outside of work, how much exposure to new experiences, personalities or opportunities will you have?


How well do you know yourself?


Learn what you like and dislike in life and how to make decisions to be aligned with what lights you up and gives you energy.


So I asked this person, what is it you do that energises you and that you enjoy? They were not able to answer me without a “but”. What I mean by this is that they answered me and it was gardening, however a big fat old 'but' came after it, “but I can’t do that every day, I would finish it within a week”. They were focusing on the limitations in their answers.


So, this is what I said. If you like gardening outside of work, you may also like meeting up with a group of people who go to open garden days, you may like to get involved in your local community garden, you may like to go to garden expose with other people, you may like to go to gardening workshops. You also might like to go bushwalking too. So that’s a start, right?  So, the answer gardening has many clues to what else you might be interested in other than gardening at your own house.


Okay with this in mind what I want you to do is write down:


  1. What you do that gives you energy?

  2. What skills would you like to strengthen?

  3. What is it that you have always wanted to try, but have made excuses up as to why you shouldn’t? think about the “but”

  4. How can you change up your routine that would make a difference in your day?

  5. What benefits do you have from being in your current routine?

  6. What will the cost be to stay in your routine and change nothing?

  7. What would you like to change in your life?

  8. What are the benefits of that change?




Okay, so you have all this information what next. STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE UP.




Start with something small and work your way up from that. The results will be powerful as long as you believe you will benefit from it and focus on what you will learn. In other words be optimistic.














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