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Find what gives you purpose, gain motivation and connect with your higher self in the next 90 days

Get the  1:1 support, resources, and clarity that will help you feel more content, more energy, and happier with the direction of your life.

Are You:


  • Feeling lost, miserable, and depressed with the direction of your life?

  • Asking yourself what am I passionate about so that I can invest my time, money, and energy towards something meaningful to me?

  • Trying to make changes in your life without any help and didn't get the outcome you wanted?

  • Losing trust in your ability to make life-changing decisions because you have taken action in the past and it did not work out as you expected?

  • Driven and want more out of life than what you're getting now?

  • Unclear about what energises you and makes you happy in life?


Why do we feel stuck in our life:

 When we take action without tapping into what truly motivates us outside of societal and family conditioning, we can make decisions that end up causing us pain or suffering. If the outcome we get doesn't make us happy, we start to lose trust in our ability to make the right decisions.  So rather than making the wrong choice again, we stay in situations that feel certain but don't make us feel fulfilled, happy or content. This also means we disconnect from our purpose, our health, and the people around us. This leads to health problems, relationship challenges, career challenges, and overall dissatisfaction with life. 

A new study by a team of Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that if you feel you have a higher sense of purpose in life — defined as having meaning, a sense of direction, and goals — you are more likely to remain healthy and physically strong as you grow older. 

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Get Aligned 

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Get Aligned Is For You If:

  • You want to know what gives you purpose and motivates you so that you can spend your time, financers and energy doing something that will light you up

  • You want clarity towards your vision, values, and goals

  • You want to identify your fear and work through them so that you can live your best life

  • You are tired of taking action and not getting the results you want

  • You want more energy, balance, and motivation in your life

  • You’re ready to take 100% responsibility for your life and the results you get

  • You are open to alternative therapy 


This program is NOT ideal for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix

  • You’re not willing to get super uncomfortable

  • You are not willing to take action once we identify your purpose and work with your fear

  • You’re not willing to take risks

  • You’re closed off to trying alternative therapy

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Get Aligned Program 

Face To Face or Mixed (Face to Face & Online)

  • 12x 1:1 Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions. There is an option to do these on zoom if you don't live in the area. 

  • Weekly check-ins on your progress 

  • 3x Personalised Outings for phobias, fear or anxiety - Pick something you fear or you're finding uncomfortable to do that you would like to be supported to do. This could be anything, for example, build confidence talking to people, going to group activities, rock climbing, abseiling, a specific sport, public speaking, starting your own business, quitting your job, breaking up with a partner. Whatever it is, you can choose something you would like support with, and we will spend time outside of the therapy room and in the real world where you will anchor in the changes you have made with therapy. The aim of this activity is to help you step outside of your comfort zone, see your power and strength when doing scary things. I will support and guide you through this. 


Vision – Using your life experiences and aspirations you will explore your dreams, goals and take action towards your dreams with my facilitation and support.  Being clear about the direction you want your life to go in that excites you, enables you to wake up every morning with purpose.


Values -  We will identify the values that light you up and your conflicting values that drain your energy bringing more balance and wellness into your life.


Fear- We will identify specific fears you have around any changes you are making so you can take action and manifest what you want in your life.



“I'd been considering working with you for ages!! I really wish I had sooner but maybe just wasn't ready. What finally got me was the realisation that it was better to try, to have tried and not succeeded, than to have continued feeling the way that I was feeling knowing I might miss out on finding the answers”. 
The pain of not doing anything became greater than the pain of trying to change.
I helped Sabrina on both a personal and professional level. 
“I am now very clear on who I am - what my values are, what my needs are, how I want to show up in the world etc. These are the things that actually mean the most even though they're not as tangible as the other changes. 

“In addition to the above I was able to get very clear about what was happening for me at work and finally left my job for a much better working environment. I then subsequently saw an even better opportunity and was able to secure that job, which has supported my professional growth in so many ways. My husband and I have more fun together these days. We now do more together like hiking and going to the gym, but also both have separate hobbies that we pursue for the sheer fun of them, rather than being so focused on our house and financial commitments. My health and fitness has improved dramatically, which I attribute in part to simply being happier and feeling better about myself, so I've been prepared to invest in myself more. I've also recently begun studying a subject that I've been interested in for years but didn't have the courage to pursue.“I am now feeling back in control of my life. I feel empowered to make changes, and the changes I am making or have made are congruent with my values and meet my needs, so they feel right. I feel so much more contented now. 




A good motivational kick in the arse! It's been great to be asked those really thought provoking questions. They've made me really ask myself what I want to be doing with my life and, very importantly, how I want to be doing those things.

“Breeding specificity and through that, clarity and purpose. Enthusiasm and passion haven't really been a problem for me when it comes to career ideas, but the way your course asks me to be really specific about what I want and all the details of it, has really cleared my vision. I'm starting to get better at not just setting goals, but being specific about how I will actually achieve them. I'm realising that it's not enough just to set a deadline, you have to plan for exactly how you're going to meet it and... hold yourself accountable! By fleshing out my vision for my life (which is inclusive of my career, they are not separate when you do what you love) I have a clear picture of what steps are required... and which steps aren't! Being able to hold myself accountable and keeping myself on the path, is ridiculously invaluable. I've been able to say no to distractions more readily. It's not easy, but I know in the moment that it's right, and rewarding. I'm finding I have more time and energy to spend on what I love to do, because I'm choosing to say no to all of the things, and people, that would detract and distract me from my vision.




I love working with you because it makes me self-reflect and assess the values I want to live my life by. Often these values are not what I enact in myself and our sessions give me a check-in point that I can then use in my own day. The phrase you used “be curious” had been huge! I have started to try to analyse my emotions and reactions to examine my own biases and experiences. As I work in communication this has been helpful because it assists with transparency for myself and helps me to interact more authentically with others as well as protecting my own energy and making calls on what to devote my time and thought to. These are the major benefits! I have also gained valuable insight into my own personality, strengths and how to apply these to my work. 
“Seriously, what you do is so special and you have such incredible energy.



About Me


Hi, I'm Thelma,  I live at Marcus Beach on the Sunshine Coast but I haven't always lived here.  I went through my own discovery process which led me to create my own business, manifest a life by the beach, and counsel ambitious women who have found themselves feeling stuck, lost, anxious, and depressed to create a life that gives them purpose and fulfillment. I believe that clarity breeds confidence and once you have the missing information, plus taking action,  you’re unstoppable.

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