Quit Your Job & Create A Career that lights you up!

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Quit Your Job & Create A Career That Lights You Up
12 Months Program
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You’re not ready to quit your job but you know it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life. You don’t want to be in your job in 2 or 5 years time but you’re not sure what to do next. What if you could nail down an idea that you’re so excited and certain about you are willing to take the risk and even quit you job and invest money and time into your idea.


What would it mean to you if while you’re going through your self-discovery you could spend the next year being coached through your work environment where you feel more empowered and in control?


What would it mean to you if I could help you set everything up and you could have a year of building emotional strengths, resilience, and practical skills so you can take on the world and go for what you want?


What if you could start taking action over the next 3 months working with me so you quit your job and you move into something more aligned with you and your personality? Hop on the phone to see what program best suits your needs.


What would that mean for your mental health?


What would that mean for your soul?


One of my clients who still works with me, went from feeling stuck and depressed in HR with zero ideas around what to do next for a career. In one year working with me, she is now a nutrition coach at her local gym and building her own nutrition business on the side. This work aligns with her deep purpose where she nurtures, supports, and encourages people who struggle around their nutrition, giving them a softer approach when it comes to their nutrition. She offers that and a long history of being in the fitness industry working on herself since she was a young adult. The shift it my client is transformational. She absolutely loves what she’s doing now and she’s doing further studies in the industry knowing why and what benefits it will have for her.


Before you jump into studying again ask yourself what it is you want to be? Be confident with that choice then invest the money to study. I see so many people unsure why they’re studying a course in hope that it will lead to something they like or it will give them credibility. Studying for those reasons is a huge waste of money.


Working with me you will know who you want to be and what course will best suit you. When you do this you’re also excited about studying, it’s not a drag because you’re completely aligned with it. Why waste over 20,000 studying something you're not sure you will like when you can identify what you want first then invest time and money getting the qualifications you desire and need to be that person. 

  • Create an idea that lights you up and fills your soul.

  • Take action towards this idea with me so you can quit your job with ease

  • Become stronger and wiser so you can take action towards your dreams and live a magnificent life 

  • Identify your superpowers and use them to create a future that excites you and fills you with deep purpose 

  • Build emotional resilience so you know you can handle whatever comes your way

  • Change the direction of your life to one that is filled with fulfillment and connection 

  • Make money doing what you love 


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