Natalie Cavallaro


I love working with you because it makes me self reflect and assess the values I want to live my life by. Often these values are not what I enact in myself and our sessions give me a check in point that I can then use in my own day. The phrase you used “be curious” had been huge! I have started to try to analyse my emotions and reactions to examine my own biases and experiences. As I work in communication this has been helpful because it assists with transparency for myself and helps me to interact more authentically with others as well as protecting my own energy and making calls on what to devote my time and thought to. These are the major benefits! I have also gained valuable insight into my own personality, strengths and how to apply these to my work. 


Seriously, what you do is so special and you have such incredible energy.

Jake Bowtell


"A good motivational kick in the arse! It's been great to be asked those really thought provoking questions. They've made me really ask myself what I want to be doing with my life and, very importantly, how I want to be doing those things.

Breeding specificity and through that, clarity and purpose. Enthusiasm and passion haven't really been a problem for me when it comes to career ideas, but the way your course asks me to be really specific about what I want and all the details of it, has really cleared my vision. I'm starting to get better at not just setting goals, but being specific about how I will actually achieve them. I'm realising that it's not enough just to set a deadline, you have to plan for exactly how you're going to meet it and... Hold yourself accountable! By fleshing out my vision for my life (which is inclusive of my career, they are not separate when you do what you love) I have a clear picture of what steps are required... and which steps aren't! Being able to hold myself accountable and keeping myself on the path, is ridiculously invaluable. I've been able to say no to distractions more readily. It's not easy, but I know in the moment that it's right, and rewarding. I'm finding I have more time and energy to spend on what I love to do, because I'm choosing to say no to all of the things, and people, that would detract and distract me from my vision."



Rosie Busuttil


"Thelma has given me insights into what my values are and how they are clashing with my work life. She has given me the confidence to make opportunities for myself rather than waiting for it to happen. This has kept me accountable and to take ownership over the action I can take. Thelma never told me what to do rather allowed me to come to my own conclusion, create my own plan and take control of my situation. She has given me the tools and strategies to take action. I have approached my work life differently. "



Chelsea Leatham


"I was looking for a coach because I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my current situation. I wanted to move forward but I wasn’t sure which direction to take, I felt like I was going around in circles.


Thelma helped me uncover my own limiting beliefs that were holding me back from taking action. She challenged my thinking and helped me overcome my fears and self doubt.


During our sessions she was able to help me unearth my subconscious beliefs that were sabotaging me and blocking me from moving forward. Thelma had an ability to help me see things from a different angle which changed my perspective on many things that were limiting my growth. Thank you Thelma for asking great questions and helping me think more clearly.


Highly recommend for anyone needing some clarity and certainty in their lives!"


Thelma Vlamis 



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