Do you want to quit your 9-5 job and try something new but you don't know where to start or when you should take the leap?


Taking the leap is a challenge there are so many unknowns and as adults, you have a lifetime of past experiences where you have been burnt and what you’re trying to do is avoid further pain.  This is what keeps us stuck. We’re feeling a little fragile. 


Taking the leap means trusting yourself and your own ability to make it work. Taking the leap means new adventures ahead. Taking the leap means opening yourself up to more and more opportunities. It means you’re committing to making your career goals come true.


Your body and mind give you signs that you’re not happy instead of pushing them away become curious about it.

Why are you unhappy at work?


What do you like doing outside of work?


What do you gain energy from?


If it’s learning, connecting with people, being challenged and growing skills then are you getting any of that from your current position?


If not, how can you change that?


What do you love about your work?


If you can’t think of one thing then you are definitely in the wrong career.


When you once had the drive to work hard in your job and you no longer have the drive to even show up, it’s time to start making changes. When your anxiety is getting worse, but you never suffered from anxiety, it’s time for a change. 


When you’re thinking to yourself is this it, you know you have more to give and you feel as though there is no growth opportunities in your organisation. When you're becoming more and more negative about work and the people you work with, it’s time to move on.


I was in a job that made me feel drained and unsatisfied. I started getting anxious and it was getting worse and worse. I didn’t fully understand what was happening at this point. What was happening was I was overthinking to the point of making myself feel terrible. “I HATE MY JOB” “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON WITH THE PEOPLE” …. WHAT DID I DO? I SAVED UP SOME $13000 quit my job and moved to Sydney. You don’t need to quit your job but this was a necessity for me. You can always go part time or start something on the side.


Therefore, taking the leap with a plan and goals can help you when challenging situations arise. Taking the leap when you have a clear, specific understanding of your values, what you want out of life and how your limiting beliefs are holding you back, will give you certainty in yourself.


Things that get in the way of us taking the leap. The fear of being judged, the fear of it not working out and feeling as though we failed, the fear of not liking the new job, the fear of investing money and not succeeding. The fear that we are not good enough, smart enough or capable to run our own business.


We are humans that naturally fear the unknown and stepping away from comfort. We avoid pain or the idea that something could potentially be painful.


Write down what taking the leap looks like to you. What ideas do you have? i.e apply for a new job, start your own business, move overseas.


Write it down.


1- Write the challenges down.


2- Write your fears down


3- Write down if those fears come true 


4- Write down how you would fix your situation if the worst case scenario was to happen.



Then take the leap!


Don’t wait for the right time, there will never be the right. You could save lots of money and have time on your hands and still feel it’s not the right time because you will find another excuse.


What’s next?


Find someone that will help you through this. Doing it alone is not easy and you’re more likely to give up. Ensure it’s not someone emotionally invested



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