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Are you outgrowing your career choice?

We make choices as teenagers and young adults to go down a career path we think we may like. We are energised, motivated and ready to work our way up to the top. Then we either love the career choice we made and continue to thrive in it, or we start to loath it and find it hard to get out of bed every morning for work. It starts to get harder and harder than everything feels like it’s closing in on us. We start to make poor choices because we’re trying to feel a void, we feel empty. Gee that got dark quickly. If this resonates with you then you get it and you know what it feels like to really dislike your job and feel stuck in it.

We spend on average 1800 hours in a year at work and look forward to 140 hrs of holiday leave a year. Let’s say you stay in a job for 10 years that does not really light you up, that is 18,000 hrs of doing something that dimming your light. There is only so much we can take doing something that drains our energy every day before we become anxious and depressed about life.

It is important to emphasise that our environment impacts our physiological state, as a result impacts every aspects of our being. Our thinking and actions reflect this. When we’re doing something that we really don’t want to be doing we’re in survival mode. There is tension in our body, we easily get upset, we get depressed, we become more and more anxious as time goes on, we’re bored, distracted and just feel miserable. We feel stuck, and lack energy. It’s hard going to work and every day we push through, we find it harder and harder. If any of this resonates with you, you’re not alone. So many people feel this way and are told it’s normal because, “we’re not meant to enjoy our work”. This is not true and it’s a societal belief that has been passed down generations.

We are moving out of a culture where “work is not meant to be fun” or “you just go to work to get a pay cheque”. Many of us are in our 30s, 40s, and 50s plus and we own houses, cars and have savings and still feel like we don’t have enough money to take a chance and change careers. We feel scared to quit our jobs or go part time so we can build something on the side. This is because of fear and beliefs. There may have been a time in your life where working hard and making money helped you survive and become independent. It helped you feel safe and secure, so it’s hard to take risks and step into the unknown now. This is completely normal to feel this way.

When everyone else around us is working in full time jobs and seem to be happy and content to do so, we feel like we need to do the same thing because it’s the safe thing to do. It’s what’s everyone else is doing. We feel like there is something wrong with us for wanting something else or wanting a more fulfilling life, I can tell you now there is nothing wrong with you. Our human needs have evolved from safety, security, food and shelter. We also need growth, variety, connection, love and to feel as though what we’re doing at work is making a difference.

What can you do if you’re in a job that brings you no joy

• Change it up. When we change our routine, this gives us space to meet new people and see new opportunities.

• In order to feel more comfortable to make a change and do something different we need to surround ourselves with others who are making changes in their lives, starting businesses or changing their career completely. This helps us feel understood and reassured that how we’re feeling is normal. You can also learn from each other’s experiencers.

• Listen to podcasts, YouTube clips and books about career change

• Work with a coach they will help you identify your blind spots

• Create a plan to move forward with, this helps you feel back in control of your life and empowered

• Go to events where you will meet new people and learn about yourself

There are many people changing careers and building business, radically changing their careers.

Here is that can get you started. It’s about career change and living your best life. The good life project https://www.goodlifeproject.com/

 Do you need to take the traditional path when changing careers?

Is a mainstream job holding you back from making an even bigger difference in this world?

You are in a job you are good at, you earn great money, and you want to more purpose in your life.

I know many intelligent, capable, and compassionate people who are in jobs that are holding them back from making an even bigger difference in this world.

Sometimes systems in organisations are outdated and at times have very little purpose. If you’re someone that has an idea that keeps popping up in your head and you’re conflicted about whether you could work towards making that idea a reality, the conflict is coming from a place of fear that is stopping you from moving towards what you truly want.

You can let fear stop you and this does not help feed your soul and what you genuinely want in life.

You can manage fear and go for what you want at the same time.

Many people have fear of not making enough money. Can you plan for this? Absolutely.

There is also the fear of failing, can you work on being vulnerable. Yes, you can.

This idea you have is a sign that you want to work in a job that gives you more purpose.

Creating a career that gives you more purpose is a luxury and privilege that many of us are in positions to do. This is when people who have the privilege to hire a coach, start a business can make a huge difference to people who don thave this privilege.

Yes, you have more to give

Yes, you can absolutely follow your dreams

Watch this video and if you make it to the end (nice work!) I take you through an exercise to help you get a clear picture of what your idea would look like if you were to work towards it.

Under the surface #16 How to meet your need for security/certainty/safety so you can thrive!

Healthy and unhealthy ways to meet these needs. 

Under the surface #13 How To Take Action Towards Your Idea, Desire or Goal?

What’s the difference between craving/addiction and desire?

What is getting in the way of you taking action and how can you work with this part?

The power of our thoughts and how they control our actions.

Identify your limiting beliefs, choose to keep them or change them.

Create a plan to move towards your goals

Take action

Under the surface #3 Fear-Based Decisions

Are you repeating the same patterns and getting the same results?

Click here for the Blog Fear-Based Decisions

Under the surface #2 It’s not our circumstances that stop us from getting what we want in life, it’s the way we think about them.

What limiting beliefs do you hold that keeps you safe? Are they helping you step into your zone of genius?

Click Here for the Blog It’s not our circumstances that stop us

Under the surface. Episode #1 Self-doubt when changing careers

Is there a wrong or right way to change things up in your life i.e. change careers, rediscover who you are and what direction you want to move towards?

Click here for the Blog Self-doubt when changing careers

Who is in charge of your decision making? 

The antagonist or the dreamer? 

You have an idea, dream or goal and you feel like it’s out of reach. 

Why do some of us feel like we can achieve what we want and some of us feel like it’s impossible? 

4 ways to start trusting yourself more

What university, Workshops and Courses Don’t Teach us


We want the answers but they don’t give them to us because their teachings are broad and not specific to everyday situations


-How to understand your emotions

-How to build authenticity connection and the importance of that

-How to be yourself and create from a space of confidence

-Identify your values and needs to create the base of where you can make decisions that align with you


I’m excited about this and can show you how to do this. If you’re looking for a change in your life and you’re not sure where to start this is for you.

I can help you identify your values not societies or your parents.

How to understand your needs and how this changes, day to day.

Help guide you to trust yourself more through listening to your mind, body and spirit.

I’m offering 6 sessions for the same investment you would make for 3, because I’m super excited about sharing this with you.

Life Purpose and Uncovering your Passion 

If you're someone that is not overly motivated by money and you would prefer more purpose, connection, and meaning in your life, you have a passion project with your name on it.

When you start serving others you will uncover your purpose in life.

Move beyond I and work towards making a legacy, a difference in your life and the lives of others. This is what living by your purpose looks like.

Hire a coach/mentor - you don't know everything and they can help you stay on track, help you get started or clear about your purpose. Coaches help you grow emotionally and a lot faster than if you did this alone. Many successful people have coaches and hired coaches while building their purpose.

The one thing my clients say after our sessions are that they have taken action towards their goals with clarity and certainty. They have grown self-trust to GO FOR IT. They're getting the work done and opportunities are arising that are completely aligned with what they truly want to do in life.

Your purpose is that idea you have that's connected to your past.

I would love to help you through this process. If you want more purpose in your life let's hop on the phone for a free discovery session and see if we're a good fit.

To book a free discovery session click here http://thelmaslifehacks.com/1-1-coaching

Start With Why


Problem - I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ why I feel this way I’m just not happy, I feel stuck or I just can’t think of what idea to move forward with.

Solution - Start with WHY

I want to quit my job

I want to go back to university

I want to start my own business

I want to earn lots of money

Why do we want these things?

Maybe it’s what you think you “should” be doing or you’re searching for something to make you feel better.


Find the WHY template here

The Benefits of Journaling

Write Down Your Thoughts So You Can Learn What Truly Drives You.

In this live I talk about journaling, the benefits, how you can start today and why people journal.

The power of putting your thoughts on paper will give you clarity towards patterns in your life that you want to change and understanding how your thoughts are impacting your everyday life.

Learning to listen to your body and mind will increase your self-trust and self-awareness so you can make changes in your life with confidence.

Here is the template I use for my journaling. If you would like a copy sign up here and I’ll email you a printable copy. http://thelmaslifehacks.com/Journal-Temp%20-Prompt

Why We Do What We Do. 

Last week I posted about uncovering core beliefs and I shared my experience. 

I’m going to unpack this more in this live and share with you my perspective of my core belief in belonging.

facebook Live Videos ON how to create a career you love, episodes 1-18

How To Create A Career You Love

Episode #18 Why the language we use impacts the was we feel. Let’s start with the SHOULD.

It’s used a lot and when we use it, it makes us feel obligated, please others, guilty or blame 

Knowing why you’re doing something and changing your language from ‘I should to I want to do this so I can ....’


How To Create A Career You Love 

Episode #17 What is getting in the way of your dream. 

There is no such thing as a big or small dream.

Do you allow yourself to dream or are you fixed on it not being a possibility? 


How to create a career that lights you up

Episode #16 Yes you need to talk to people outside of your friend group.


👩🏽‍🏫How To Create A Career That Lights You Up.

Episode 15 - I have always sucked at that skill 

We form core beliefs that shape our lives. These beliefs can be self-fulfilling prophecies that hold us back from trying a new skill. 

Become aware of your negative 
self talk and correct the negative thoughts you have about yourself. 

Start taking action towards that thing you're avoiding or denying. You will create a new belief for yourself.


How To Create A Career That Lights You Up. 

Episode 14 - 1 Step To Take To Start Your Career Change Today/Now

Plus - Celebrations for the week

How To Create A Career That Lights You Up. 


Episode 13 - Who Are You Working For?

How To Create A Career That Lights You Up 

Episode 12 Can You Help Me With My Resume'? 

My goal is to help you change the direction of your future so you can live a more fulfilling, joyful,
energised life and if that means one of the practices is creating a remarkable resume' yes I will help you. 

It's more than a resume'

How To Create A Career That Lights You Up

Episode 11- What Does Success Mean To You?

Are you living by your definition of success? 

How coaching helps you with success

How To Create A Career That Lights You Up.

Episode 10. I Hate My Job but I Can't Leave...

The reason why you stay 

The reason why you want to leave 

The reason why it's easier to stay rather than change careers.

How To Create a Career You Love 

Episode 9 Celebrate your achievements this week. 

Summary of the week

What are you celebrating this week? 

What is one thing that you're doing for yourself this weekend?

How To Create A Career You Love ❤️ 

Episode 8 Why your need for certainty is keeping you stuck (TRUTH BOMB) 

Tony Robins Human Needs 

Connection -love 


How To Create A Career That Lights You Up

Episode 7 -Money Talk 💰

Money beliefs 
The investments I've made $
4 Ways to become conscious of what you're willing to spend your money on.

Facebook Live Series: How To Create A Career That Lights You Up.

Episode #3 What are your values and are you living by them?

I talk about values all the time, so today I want to share with you how you identify your values. Values are the things you find important in your life and you spend your time doing those things.


How To Create A Career That Lights You Up.


Episode #19 Anything Is Possible

This episode is all about how you could make a change and then find your yourself thinking your way out of it.

COULD - Self-doubt, uncertainty, selfish & overwhelm

The other side to consciously think about

COULD -Strengths, growth mindset, identify your limiting beliefs, flexible & put pen to paper .

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