Why Choose The Rise & Shine Effect?


Sabrina is in her early 40s working for Brown Brothers in HR. Life was ok, good in plenty of ways, but she didn't feel satisfied and felt like there was so much more to life that she was missing out on. 

Sabrina didn't know where to begin to create change. She had great family and friends, work wasn't great but it could've been much worse  - there was plenty to be grateful for, but it felt like she was going through the motions, not living to her potential or living with purpose: “being in my 40's I felt like I was running out of time to make a change and felt increasingly frustrated”.

Sabrina was trying to find a starting point to her career change – she knew she needed to make changes but didn't know where to begin and how to go about it. She felt like she had been on a treadmill (of life) for so long, she didn't know how to get off after so long living in a certain way. 

She did her Google/Safari search late at night while she could not sleep searching for a way to feel better, find peace, live more authentically etc. She also got drawn into Facebook advertisements but rarely found anything that really resonated, and everything sounded like clickbait.

“I'd been considering working with you for ages!! I really wish I had sooner but maybe just wasn't ready. What finally got me was the realisation that it was better to try, to have tried and not succeeded, than to have continued feeling the way that I was feeling knowing I might miss out on finding the answers”. 

The pain of not doing anything became greater than the pain of trying to change.

I helped Sabrina on both a personal and professional level. 

“I am now very clear on who I am - what my values are, what my needs are, how I want to show up in the world etc. These are the things that actually mean the most even though they're not as tangible as the other changes. 

“In addition to the above I was able to get very clear about what was happening for me at work and finally left my job for a much better working environment. I then subsequently saw an even better opportunity and was able to secure that job, which has supported my professional growth in so many ways. My husband and I have more fun together these days. We now do more together like hiking and going to the gym, but also both have separate hobbies that we pursue for the sheer fun of them, rather than being so focused on our house and financial commitments. My health and fitness has improved dramatically, which I attribute in part to simply being happier and feeling better about myself, so I've been prepared to invest in myself more. I've also recently begun studying a subject that I've been interested in for years but didn't have the courage to pursue.“I am now feeling back in control of my life. I feel empowered to make changes, and the changes I am making or have made are congruent with my values and meet my needs, so they feel right. I feel so much more contented now.” - Sabrina 


Natalie was a single ambitious woman working in journalism and is in her early 30s. She worked her way up in a career she thought she would enjoy and has found she is moving from job to job not quite satisfied with her career path.
Natalie was feeling stuck in life. She has worked her way up a career in journalism and she is not feeling very fulfilled or satisfied with her career. She knew she had more to give and could see other people in the world doing things she really wanted to be doing and she believed she could do it even better. She did not know where to start and asked for help with gaining clarity, and organising and structuring her next move in life.
I helped her work with specific tools that gave her clarity for her to work through what was truly important to her so she was confident to take action. We worked on her values and aligning those with her next career move. Once we gained very specific clarity on what her ideal career would look like and her ‘why’ (what gives her deep purpose), we got started with creating a plan and goals around the side hustle she was very enthusiastic to get started with.
While Natalie was working with me she applied and gained employment with an organisations that aligned with her values, her ideal career and started her side hustle. 


“I love working with you because it makes me self-reflect and assess the values I want to live my life by. Often these values are not what I enact in myself and our sessions give me a check-in point that I can then use in my own day. The phrase you used “be curious” had been huge! I have started to try to analyse my emotions and reactions to examine my own biases and experiences. As I work in communication this has been helpful because it assists with transparency for myself and helps me to interact more authentically with others as well as protecting my own energy and making calls on what to devote my time and thought to. These are the major benefits! I have also gained valuable insight into my own personality, strengths and how to apply these to my work. 
“Seriously, what you do is so special and you have such incredible energy.”-


Jake is in his early 30s and he works in film production and owns a videography business. Jake loves everything creative. 
Jake was not sure what steps to take next as he was working for companies to make videos that he was not truly passionate about. He wanted more out of life than a paycheque. 
I helped Jake gained clarity around his vision. Once he had firm idea of what that was, he started a jewellery business to feed his creative needs and started a film production company with his brother.  He now sells his jewellery online and in the local community.

"A good motivational kick in the arse! It's been great to be asked those really thought provoking questions. They've made me really ask myself what I want to be doing with my life and, very importantly, how I want to be doing those things.

“Breeding specificity and through that, clarity and purpose. Enthusiasm and passion haven't really been a problem for me when it comes to career ideas, but the way your course asks me to be really specific about what I want and all the details of it, has really cleared my vision. I'm starting to get better at not just setting goals, but being specific about how I will actually achieve them. I'm realising that it's not enough just to set a deadline, you have to plan for exactly how you're going to meet it and... hold yourself accountable! By fleshing out my vision for my life (which is inclusive of my career, they are not separate when you do what you love) I have a clear picture of what steps are required... and which steps aren't! Being able to hold myself accountable and keeping myself on the path, is ridiculously invaluable. I've been able to say no to distractions more readily. It's not easy, but I know in the moment that it's right, and rewarding. I'm finding I have more time and energy to spend on what I love to do, because I'm choosing to say no to all of the things, and people, that would detract and distract me from my vision."


Rosie is in her early 40s and has one daughter. She works as a personal assistant for an environmental organisation. 
Rosie was feeling stressed and worried about the major restructuring of management in the organisations including the change in CEO of the company. This meant she was now assisting a new CEO and they were finding it difficult to work together. 
Rosie felt as though she was being mistreated and was also warned by management that she could lose her job at any time. 
I helped Rosie gain a deep understanding of her values and how they could be clashing with her managers. This was validating for her as she felt as though her work was no longer valued as it was once by the previous CEO. Knowing that her strength may not be valued in her current organisation enabled her to feel confident to seek employment for another organisation.
I also helped Rosie with tools and strategies around working with the CEO to make it easier for her to manage until she moved on from the organisation.
Rosie is now working for an organisation that values her strengths and is assisting a CEO that values her for the amazing person she is. 

"Hi love, just letting you know that I got the job, doing what I love, being EA to a CEO, at an amazing place. 

“Thank you for your advice, I’m with an organisation that does so much for people in need, just what I wanted to… it was talking to you that made me evaluate what I want, so thank you.”

“Thelma has given me insights into what my values are and how they were clashing with my work life. She has given me the confidence to make opportunities for myself rather than waiting for it to happen. “This has kept me accountable and to take ownership over the action I can take. Thelma never told me what to do rather allowed me to come to my own conclusion, create my own plan and take control of my situation. She has given me the tools and strategies to take action. I have approached my work life differently. "- Rosie


Chelsea is in her mid-30s working as a Social Worker Manger and loves challenging herself with achieving ambitious goals. 
Chelsea had specific gaols she wanted to achieve and felt as though she was not getting the outcomes she wanted. She felt stuck and overwhelmed with where to put her energy next and what direction to go in. 
I helped Chelsea identify and become very clear about what exactly is influencing the outcomes she is getting. It wasn’t action or motivation she wanted from our sessions, as she is a very action driven and practical person naturally. It was clarity towards her thinking and beliefs systems that were derailing the outcomes she really wanted. 
Chelsea took action with a new way of looking at her situation and as a result she has achieved her goals of buying a house with a single income, moving to the country after living in Melbourne for 15 years and working for an organisation that meets her income needs.

"I was looking for a coach because I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my current situation. I wanted to move forward but I wasn’t sure which direction to take, I felt like I was going around in circles.

“Thelma helped me uncover my own limiting beliefs that were holding me back from taking action. She challenged my thinking and helped me overcome my fears and self-doubt.

“During our sessions she was able to help me unearth my subconscious beliefs that were sabotaging me and blocking me from moving forward. Thelma had an ability to help me see things from a different angle which changed my perspective on many things that were limiting my growth. Thank you Thelma for asking great questions and helping me think more clearly.

“Highly recommend for anyone needing some clarity and certainty in their lives!"-Chelsea