feeling stuck and not sure what step to take next in your life?

I mentor people who feel stuck, confused and a lack of direction in their lives to create lifestyle opportunities that are aligned with their values and passion. So they have more purpose, fulfillment, and passion in life. 


If you're looking for changing things up in your life you are in the right place.  

I take you on a self-discovery journey that challenges the status quo and guides you to create results with confidence, so you can live a life of purpose and vibrancy.   

You deserve to create a future that celebrates your creativity, strengths and is meaningful to YOU.


If you find yourself feeling drained, uninspired and unmotivated at work it's time to explore what you really want in life. 

If you want more purpose, fulfillment, and understanding of what you can do in your life that lights you up this is for you. 

*Create a business 

*Change careers 

*Step into your creative side 

*Build self-trust 

*Explore your boundaries and 

Live your life without expectation and obligation 

Learn what you want and how to get it.

6-month program

  • Guided Journal Prompts every day for 21 days by ME! You get to see my face every day for 21 days motivating you and guiding you through this amazing process!!!

  • Gain insights about yourself and move into your creative state

  • Learn the art of journaling and how it can help improve your life and sooo much more!

30 Days of Journaling With My Dog and I

{coming soon}

Would you like a 1:1 strategy session to gain clarity on how to get what you want?

In your life

In your Career  

You may know what you want and find that there are challenges in the way. Challenges you would like to unpack, become clear on and start to improve. 

What if you could identify what is getting in the way and it becomes so clear to you on how you can improve your situation that you will find it hard to stay stuck?

From Overwhelm and Confusion to Clarity and Action.

A Single 1:1 Strategy Session 

What Drives You?

What if you could start taking action towards a life that is aligned with who you are? Many of us have gone to university and found work that we thought we wanted. Only to find ourselves thinking 'is this it'?  If you were clear about what your values are, how could you use that information? 


When we're going through a change in our lives in our 30's, 40's or 50's it can be challenging. We may find ourselves not knowing where to turn. This is why I made a program that gives you the clarity on what direction you can take next. This program will save you money and time trying things that are not aligned with what you want and who you are. It gives you clear guidance on what direction you want to truly go in and where you want to invest your time, money and resources.

have invested coaching and Timeline Therapy, 1:1 coaching, career coaching, and personal development workshops. In my previous life, I was an Environmental Scientist with first class honours. I know the importance of research concepts and how to translate them to real life.  My experience of living through this and coming out the other side. For over 6 years I followed the wrong career and life. I experimented with ideas and discovered where I was going wrong, and how I can help you with gaining results in a more direct way.


I completed short courses in psychology that taught me concepts that everyone needs to know. I found these concepts very insightful and now I am sharing these with you. I share these with you in a practical way. These help you to understand yourself at a deeper level and how environmental influences can shape your decisions. 


I have a deep understanding of theories that are used by life coaches around the world, such as Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Simone Sinek,  Jen Sincero, Stephen R, Covey, Brené Brown and Dr Jo Despensor.  These concepts help us to become clear about what we want and how to get it. Sometimes we know how to get it but it feels out of reach, we feel like we just can't have it, and that's where I help you to see your situation from a different perspective and as a result, you live your life with more purpose and fulfillment. 

* Start learning about yourself so you can trust that the next move you make is aligned with your personality

*Take action towards creating a career that inspires change in this world. 


*Create a career that gives you the freedom you desire 


*Identify what move to make next and what risks are in alignment with what you truly value


How will working 1:1 with me help you?

I help guide you through a self-discovery process 

  • Trust yourself, so you can make decisions with confidence 

  • Understand what truly inspires, energies and lights you up so you can be confident with your choice to create something more in life than just a paycheck.

  • Create opportunities that are aligned with you and feel right for you

  • Create structure in your life, so you have a plan and purpose moving forward 

  • Create momentum and become unstuck

  • Create clarity and the direction you want around your future goals 


Becoming an expert on yourself helps you with trusting yourself, increases your tolerance for other people (emotional intelligence)  and helps you understand what decisions you really want to make in life, whilst ignoring the negative people around you.


When we can trust ourselves and our own decisions we can create a life that's aligned with what we need and want, we feel energised and happy as a result.  When we feel this way it filters through everything in our lives such as career, family, relationships, and friendships. 


Who will benefit from this process? Anyone that knows there is more to life and feels as though there's something missing. You may have gone from one job to the next searching for the ideal career and still feel unsatisfied with the career you're in.  You might be mum who is getting back into work and you don't want to go back to your old job. 


Once you have discovered what drives you, you can be confident to:


  • Experiment with business, career and lifestyle ideas that are aligned with what's important to you

  • Start A Passion Project

  • Apply For Your Dream Job

  • Create An Inspiring Idea & Opportunities 

  • Do More Of The Things That Light  You Up

  • Live in alignment and know what you want and why


Thelma Vlamis 



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