Career Clarity Session

1 x 1.5 Hrs $180

This is perfect if you're at a cross road. Do you have a number of ideas and options and you're not quite sure which one to work towards?
This session will give you clarity towards what direction to take, so you can work towards it with confidence and certainty.

Career Clarity Package 

4 x 1.5 Hrs $400  

This is the power package for anyone that is letting fear get in the way of their dreams. 

Letting go of doubt, uncertainty, security and fear of judgment so you feel confident to go for what you want with a plan, tools and strategies and confidence. 

Career Clarity 3 month Find My Passion and Purpose Package 

12 x 1.5 Hrs = $1300

Step into your power


Start your own business 

Or train yourself up for your dream career and lifestyle

Are you going back to university, starting your own business, or looking for work with an organisation that aligns with your personality? 

Become confident that the next move you make is the right one for you. Waste no more time and money taking action towards things that are just average and start working towards a career that is meaningful and lights you up!

If you're interested in gaining clarity on your next career move book in a Career Clarity session with me so you feel: 

Certain about your career path.

Clear about the direction you want to go in next.

Confident that you're on the right track with the change you want make.

This is for you if you're asking yourself any of these questions:

What career suits me best?


Do I need a career change?

Should I go back to university?

Should I apply for that job and will it suit my personal growth and personality?

Why am I so bored with every job I get? 

Why do most jobs in society not inspire me?

What is my purpose?

You know as a kid when we’re asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ 

You have no idea, but you’re encouraged to study and work your way up a career because that’s what everyone else is doing? 

You thought it could be okay because you were kind of interested in it.
Only to discover it’s not where you belong, something doesn’t feel right.


You feel deflated and underwhelmed at the career you have created for yourself.  You don’t feel like it gives you purpose and it’s not challenging enough. 

You have had enough of wasting any more time and you are ready to reinvent yourself. 

What I do is: 

I work 1:1 with you, whilst giving you tools and strategies to rediscover your passions and what you truly want to be when you grow up. 
Yes, you can discover this, only if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone of what you think is possible for you. 

We create a career idea that aligns with your passions and values. Then you take steps with implementing your idea. 

My clients:

Start their own businesses 
Go back to study 
Quit their jobs to work for organizations that align with their values. 

They feel certain and clear about there next move. They know what lights them up and how they can create a career from it. 

There are so many intelligent women out there who stay in jobs that do not light them up as they feel pressure from society, family and themselves to be grateful for what they already have. 
I am here to tell you that you can have more. YES! You can have a career that lights you up.
Think long term and start creating career ideas that are aligned with YOU! I can show you how to do this and I went through this myself in my early 30s. This means I have all the tools, strategies, and knowledge to help you change careers with certainty and confidence. This saves you time and money as I have created a method that has guided my clients through this challenging time.
I mentor you to identify what path you want to follow in life and step into your strengths, passion, and power, so you can create a life that gives you purpose and fulfillment.

What Results Will I Gain From Working With You? 

This is a great question and the answer is, it's different for every one of my clients. Here are some results my clients have achieved since working with me: 

  • They have a clear direction towards their future and goals, this includes what they want to research and study or starting their own business.

  • They feel excited again

  • They have increased emotional strength and confidence leading them to do more things outside their comfort zone and getting the outcome they want

  • They have created business ideas that their passionate about and are working towards 

  • Created a passion project

  • Created inspiring ideas & opportunities that they live by and that brings them more joy and lights them up

  • Increased self-trust and confidence 

  • Feel more content with life and their goals

  • Experiment with business, career and lifestyle ideas that are aligned with what's important to them



Who Will Benefit From Working With me?

Anyone that has goals and desires to live a different life to what they're living now and feel as though they have tried to change things on their own and are feeling stuck. You may have gone from one job to the next searching for the ideal career and still feel unsatisfied with the career you're in.  You might be a mum who is going back into the workforce and you don't want to go back to your old job. 

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you driven, ambitious and do you want more purpose in your life?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck with what direction to go in next?

  • Do you have more to give and you are not using your strengths in your current position at work or home?  

  • You've tried to take action and achieve your goals on your own and have not been successful, and feel depressed and anxious to make your next move.

  • Do you want to step it up in your career and would like guidance and support with creating structure, clarity, and confidence so you can move out of your comfort zone?


Thelma Vlamis 


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