The Rise & Shine Effect 

Step into your strengths, identify your passion and create a career that lights you up


qUIT your Job & Create a career that lights you up!

3 Month Program. 1:1 Private Coaching

Start Now and set yourself up for success 

  • Create an idea that lights you up and fills your soul

  • Take action towards your idea with me so you can quit your job with ease

  • Become stronger and wiser so you can take action towards your dreams and live a magnificent life 

  • Identify your superpowers and use them to create a future that excites you and fills you with deep purpose 

  • Build emotional resilience so you know you can handle whatever comes your way

  • Change the direction of your life to one that is filled with fulfillment and connection 

  • Make money doing what you love 

Light Up Your Career!

2 Day Immersion Workshop 

3 Months ongoing coaching and support 

  • Know what direction you want to go in your career

  • Create a solid career idea that excites you

  • Identify what lights you up and motivates you so you know exactly where to spend your time and energy

  • Create a life and career around your passions

  • Know what gives you deep purpose and how to use that to live a fulfilling life

  • Overcome fear and self-doubt so you can create the life of your dreams


Thelma Vlamis 


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