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A client centred approach that supports your own self discovery so that you gain confidence, clarity and direction in your life.

MIND- Your experince of life, your world view and conscious and subconscious thinking patterns

BODY - The wisdom of your body, what is it telling you that you didn’t know before and what is it’s natural way to complete and release stored trauma

SOUL - Self-discovery of what nourishes you

SPIRIT- Essence


1:1 Holistic Counselling Session

Face To Face or Online Options

 Connect back to self 

Understand your individual expression of stress so that you can directly meet your needs to live a happier and healthier life. 

Purpose Package

Live into your full potential and learn how to work with your higher self. If you're in a transition in your life, such as changing career, building a business, working on or towards a romantic relationship this package is perfect for you.

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Have you heard the words such as:


"they are triggered" 

"that's a trauma repsonse" 

"that's your trauma"

"you are repsonsible for your emotions"


When we are upset, fearful, anxious, depressed or feeling emotionally vulnerable and fragile there's often a reason for this. Something in our enviornment or relationships has triggered a phsiological repsonse in our nervous system. 


You can work with your triggers so they no longer have power and control over you. Giving you the chance to thrive in life and create healthy habits. 


If this is something you want to learn



Are you at a place where you know something needs to change but you're not clear on what that looks like and what direction to go in?

Would you like to gain clarity and confidence to make the necessary changes in your life, career, relationships or health?

I provide support and encouragement to help you grow and try something new

I am here while you're practicing the new way of being:

  • New habits

  • New beliefs

  • Setting boundaries

  • Self acceptance

I support you in a nurturing way to reflect on your goals:


What did you learn along the way that will support you with your goals?

What are your triggers and how do they impact your life?

I provide psycho education to help you learn mindfulness tools that will support you to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress

I help you understand your feelings, emotions and what feels safe in your body so that you build confidence to make changes in your life that will support your wellbeing.

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My approach to working with you is non diagnostic, where I believe our challenges in life whether health related, relationship or career are symptoms of underlying energy blocks in the mind and body. My approach is empathetic and client centred, which means, I follow your process and signals so you feel deeply heard, understood and sense of resolve with topics that you bring to therapy.  The holistic approach I take is Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.  


There are many reasons to see a Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, this varies for each person's individual needs. Here are some examples: 

  • Anxious

  • Stressed and overwhelmed

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Reoccurring challenges in your life

  • Loss and grief

  • Blocked towards achieving your goals or outcomes in life

  • Career direction

  • Depressed

  • Burntout

  • Workplace stress

  • Unresolved trauma

Who benefits the most from my work?

People who are ready to uncover at the core level of why certain patterns are looping in their lives and an openness to practice a new way of living with my support guidance. 

I work on a deep level with people who are ready to make changes in their lives. If you're ready to go to the depths, you will experience a transformation.

I have lived experience of going through my own midlife crisis.

I grew up in a strict Greek family and have deep understanding of the impact of growing up in this culture. 

Flower Plant

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.

​How can Counselling benefit you?
  • Feel stronger emotionally and have the support, resources and tools to make changes in your relationships and career. As a result you may walk away from a relationship or job that is no longer serving you and helping you grow or gain clarity on what needs to change so that you feel empowered again.

  • Clarity around what drives you

  • Become more confident in your life to go for what you want and set boundaries

  • Improve the relationships in your life

  • Identify your strengths and purpose

  • Conflict management

  • Interpersonal skills - Awareness, clear communication skills, conflict management and resolution skills.

  • Healthier emotionally, physically and spiritually

  • Feeling more empowered and in charge with the direction of your life

  • Learn how to self-regulate so you feel more energised and calm in life

Client Feedback

Why did you choose to work with me?


The holistic practice you offered suited my style and needs both in my need for therapy/healing and life change.

I also felt safe with you.


How did working with me benefit you?


Opened my thinking to explore my behaviours in different ways. Gave me a deeper understanding about my body's physical response to trauma and stressors.


How can you use what you have learnt in your everyday life?


I am putting it into practise most days. Following my vision for the life I'm creating. Acknowledging and listening to my body in response to stress. Feeling more empowered by my choices and less worried about others opinions of how I live.

I've already met the most wonderful groups of diverse like minded people.

Thank you, you are an inspiration Thelma.

After 4 Sessions Working With Me 


"The one on one sessions really focussed on my needs and concerns. You helped me address feelings and beliefs that were holding me back from moving forward. It was like you gently removed a veil that was obscuring my view of the world.

I have been shown a positive direction to move forward into. I’m armed with strategies and tools to use when feelings or situations present that have the potential to block my progress. You also showed me how to accept certain feelings that are ok to feel and also how to use them to my advantage.

I have a greater understanding of the values that are most important to me and how to build on the strength I have to make them a focus in my life. I understand that identifying goals is important for my personal and professional growth and satisfaction and I can achieve and have anything if I allow myself to.

After 1 Session.

"I found Thelma’s questions not only interesting and engaging, but was also asked questions I had never been asked before, including being asked by myself. Of particular note, was Thelma pointing out a particular habit/technique I use to heal myself emotionally and or physically. It is something I have previously not noticed that I did. This will give me cause for much attention and reflection. My time with Thelma was enlightening, seamless and constructive.

On Thelma’s suggestion, I can use this technique in stressful situations at work. This something I feel will be something of real value and utility for me.  "

Please Call Lifeline for any crisis or immediate mental health support.

Call  13 11 14  or 000 in you are in danger

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