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Hey, you’ve found me! I’m Thelma and I am EXCITED you’re here.

My mission is to create a space for you to feel, cared for, heard, and safe so you can break through your challenges and create the life and career you truly want.

I grew up in a small town out of Melbourne within a large Greek family. I had no idea what I loved to do and what my needs were as a teenager.  What I discovered is that many parents are not educated on how to nurture a child to follow their own individual needs and purpose. I was brought up with the belief that to be successful you look to the external world, nice car, nice house, lot's of money and investments and a high paying career to support all of this. You get married and have children and done, you're happy and successful. I didn't follow this path for many reasons which I am now very clear about through my own self-discovery process of what drives me. The path I followed was more internal, my intrinsic motivation was more dominant in my life as that was what was lacking for me as a child. Things such as adventure, fun, stillness, nature, growth, helping and connecting with others and feeling a sense of belonging. These are my values and needs. When I was not aligned with my values I was depressed, anxious and very unsatisfied with my career. I was a serial complainer and felt stuck. Fast forward to my life today and I am living by my values and human needs where I feel more fulfilled and have a clear understanding of who I am and what I want I life. Knowing how horrible it is to be in that position I made it my mission to help others to discover what truly drives them and help them create an inspiring future for themselves.


Explore my website and facebook page where I share my stories of what, how and why I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to create a life that they love. I coach and motivate driven people who are stuck, frustrated and anxious about their life to see their power, through guiding them on a self-awareness, self-trust, and self-discovery process.  I know you are driven and want more out of life and you may need help with mapping out your plan.



I love seeing people grow and become more confident to be themselves, to be authentic. Being authentic to me means to know who you really are (dig deep, people) without hiding it just to please others. To not suppress your desires for a different life, accepting you for all the quirks and individual traits you have and acknowledging areas that you can improve in.  
“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown
I know what it is like to feel lost, overwhelmed and just really confused about where to put my energy. I went to university and had 5 jobs. I was on the search for a satisfying career with no clear goals, plans and no clarity of who I am at my core, how my inner world drives my behaviour and choices and my values, needs, and strengths. Do I go back to university? Do I get another job? Or, do I just stay in the same job and pay the bills?  I knew what I didn't want but had no clarity on what I did want. After 6 years of searching, educating myself and coaching I have a deep understanding of what it means to be yourself and how to bring it out in people. 
I help you get unstuck and live your creative life so you can influence positive change in the world, feel less anxious and overwhelmed and create a freedom to live your life, your way.

I am working with clients as a Student with Metavsions Students Intern Clinic for Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy 

I am also taking bookings for counselling durin my student intern clinic. Please email me at support@thelmavlamis.comto make a booking.

Thelma lives in the Albury Wodonga where it’s the perfect base for outdoor adventure activities, from skiing in the winter to hiking and swimming in summer.  This connects with her love of the environment where she worked for over 4 years before going through her own self-discovery process. This led her to creating her own business, where she mentors ambitious women who feel stuck in a job they do not feel passionate about, to make the changes in their life, so they create a career that gives them purpose and fulfillment. Thelma believes that clarity breeds confidence and once you have the missing information, you’re unstoppable.


With over 5 years of experience studying and researching the human condition, whilst working with clients on 1:1 bases, Thelma has an in-depth understanding of how to get you from feeling stuck to gaining clarity, feeling motivated, excited, and taking action towards what truly aligns with you.  We all have that idea we would love to move towards and feel scared, guilty, or overwhelmed with how to get started. “When you have clarity, structure, and massive self-awareness, of why we do the things we do in life and push away what truly lights us up, we can achieve amazing results. Working with me is all about taking a deep dive into self-discovery and reinventing yourself.”


Thelma Vlamis 


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